Brimblebec Bearded Collies breeding for style, elegance, temperament and work ability.


Brimblebec Blue Blazer CC at Windsor

Brimblebec Blue Blazer - Badger to his friends

One of our home bred beardies, Badger continues to amaze us with his wonderful personality and grace.

His mother Sophie gained many notable titles including Best Puppy in Show and Best of Breed at open shows.

After Badger came along we stopped showing most of our other beardies except for Peebles, his grandad, who had a first at Crufts at the grand old age of eleven, having gained his first 1st place at one year old at Crufts.  Badger has had two lovely Best in Show places at open shows and has his first Challenge Certificate.  A very promising career lies ahead for this gentle boy.

Our aims and objectives

Many of our dogs have taken part in obedience training, gaining Silver Standard Obedience and Good Citizens awards.  There is nothing more beautiful that watching a beardie moving alongside his handler with such style and effortless grace, tail swishing and coat flowing, a breathtaking duet true poetry in motion.